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Gear List - Pedestrian Camper - Thomas Hiram Holding

Pedestrian Campers

Pedestrian Campers

I have already raved about the magnificent "Campers Handbook" by Thomas Hiram Holding, it is an amazing time capsule of outdoor knowledge. Written in 1908, Hiram was a pioneer of outdoor recreation. While the main focus of the book is on boat and bike travel there is a section on what he calls "pedestrian camping."

Pedestrian Camping is indeed a delightful past time to those who can walk and love it.
— Thomas Hiram Holding - Campers Handbook, 1908

His kit for two people is as follow.

Here, then is a list of articles, with their weights, for two people:–

One tent 2lbs Set of two tent poles 1lb Set of pegs (ordinary skewers) 1lb Oil Stove–”Baby Primus” 1lb 3oz Aluminium pans–”So-Soon” 1lb 1oz Two aluminium cups and saucers (plates) 4oz Two aluminium knife, fork and spoon sets 4oz Candlestick and candle 2oz Aluminium box of soap 1oz

The half of this is carried by one hence this must be divided by two, giving 3lbs. 2-oz.

Share of baggage 3lbs 2oz Makintosh 1lb 6oz Air pillow 3oz Down pillow (a luxury) 1oz Sweater 1lb Sleeping stockings (long ones) 6oz Extra walking socks 4oz Down Quilt 1lb 10oz Thin Extra Vest 5oz Scarf 2oz Tooth brush, etc., etc. 3oz Hold-all, with straps (under) 8oz

In addition to this 9lbs, 2oz, there is a towel and also some food, as we always like to keep a small supply. The weight is, I believe, less than that of a military rifle alone. One more word on clothing. Wear a big pair of boots and thick socks, nothing loose around the ankles, and nothing tight anywhere.
— Thomas Hiram Holding - Campers Handbook, 1908

A base weight of under 10lbs puts this list firmly in the ultralight category.

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