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Tips from the Archive #011

Sportsman's Camping Guide

Sportsman's Camping Guide

Some gold from Leonard Miracle, this comes from "The Sportsman's Camping Guide" which is part of "Outdoor Life Magazine's" Skill Book series. This is his deceptively simple firewood rating system of common trees. I love the cover photography too – plaid and a packboard.

Tip #11 – Good Firewood

The good firewood that is repeatedly mentioned is wood that lights easily when dry, burns with a hot, long lasting flame, and forms a hot bed of coals. The less smoke the better. A tendency to throw hot sparks downgrades the wood. Wood that chops easily and splits easily ought to have extra credit, perhaps, but most of the soft, easily worked woods are short on the other virtues.

A chunk of white ash green with summer leaves and soaking wet can be split into small sticks and will burn briskly. Dry ash is superb wood. Ash is reasonably easy to cutting split wet or dry. It burns steady and long, produces good coals, doesn’t produce excessive smoke or flying sparks. White ash is tops. Willow, which is east to cut with an ax, is fuel for those who have nothing better. It rates along the least common campfire woods.

Ash, Hickory, Oak, Holly, Dogwood, Apple, Birch, Maple, Locust, Mountain mahogany.

Beech, Mulberry, Buckeye, Sycamore, Tamarack, Pine, Cedar, Juniper, Spruce, Cottonwood, Fir, Aspen.

Willow, Alder, Chestnut, Magnolia, Tulip, Catalpa, White elm, Cherry
— Leonard Miracle - Sportsman's Camping Guide, 1965

Ten Commandments of Camping

C.B Colby

C.B Colby

Penned by the marvelous author and illustrator C. B. Colby these commandments were most likely compiled while he was the Camping Editor of "Outdoor Life Magazine". Simple, sensible, practical and as relevant now as ever.

1. Thou shalt not arrive or depart a campground with great chaos
2. Thou shalt not despoil any living thing about thee
3. Thou shalt not be slovenly about they tent site
4. Thou shalt not make loud noises after 10 p.m.
5. Thou shalt not let thy pets and children run wild
6. Thou shalt not give advice unless it is sought after
7. Thou shalt not hesitate to give aid if it’s needed
8. Thou shalt not crowd thy neighbor unduly
9. Thou shalt not borrow unless desperate
10. Though shalt not know more about camping than all others
— C.B Colby

Just in time for some spring camping, are there any others people would like to see on there?

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