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W. K Merrill's 1962 Gear List

All About Camping 1962 - Drawing by Luis M. Henderson

All About Camping 1962 - Drawing by Luis M. Henderson

This list is from "All About Camping" written in 1962 by W.K Merrill a retired U.S Ranger. I have read books twice the size of this publication that contain a third as much information. His advice on "Knapsack Camping" is to "Take it easy–go light–keep a clean camp–prevent forest fires" something we should all be doing.

His gear list for an individual is as follows.

Air mattress, ¾ size, plastic or nylon for lightest type. Axe, small belt type (optional) Bag, sleeping, 3½-pounds eiderdown Bandanas, large (2) Belt and/or suspenders Boots, 8-inch tops, hobnailed or Tricouni nailed soles Camera and accessories (optional) Can opener, twist type for cutting smooth can edges Chap stick, white, for lip protection Compass, declinator, adjustable with sighting line Cook kit (one-man nesting type) Fire permit Firearms and ammunition if hunting First-aid kit, small size, plus mild laxative, roll of two-inch adhesive Flashlight, small fountain pen type, extra batteries and bulb Glasses, dark sun type or prescription ground, with case Handkerchief, white, pocket (1) Hat with wide brim or billed cap Head net for mosquito country Hunting and fishing licenses, if required Insect repellent Jacket, wool windbreaker Knapsack rucksack or pack-board Knife, with screwdriver, can opener, leather punch, and blade Map topographic, large scale of area Match safe, waterproof Matches, waterproofed Moccasins or tennis shoes to wear at camp or for emergency shoes Notebook and pencil Pants, blue jeans or poplin Poncho, groundcloth or tarpaulin (lightweight) Sewing kit (optional) Shaving kit (optional) Shirt lightweight wool, two if gone over a week Snake-bite kit Socks, two pair lightweight wool, two pair heavy wool, ½ size larger Sunburn lotion Tent lightweight (3½- pounds or 4-pounds) one or two man mountain style (optional) Toilet articles, toothbrush and paste, comb, soap, steel mirror Toilet paper Towels, one dish towel, one hand towel Underwear, two-piece long-handled type, lightweight wool Watch, wrist or pocket waterproof type
— W. K Merrill - All About Camping, 1962

A great, comprehensive list. I love that Merrill, being a U.S ranger, lists out both fire permits and hunting licenses.