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Tea Chronicles Pt.9 – Chris Yates

Chris Yates making the perfect bankside cup of tea

Chris Yates is one of the UK's most beloved anglers, he is a prolific writer, contributing to many fishing journals as well as publishing his own books. He is a major proponent of vintage gear and old fishing methods. His love for fishing, nature and the outdoors is infectious and his calm, level manner and slightly eccentric style have made him a real fishing character.

I always loved Chris the angler, but recently I found he was a tea lover as well, this puts him in the REAL hero category for me. Shown here is a little piece he did for about how to make the best riverside tea. He favors the Kelly Kettle an item he's championed for years. In "A Passion for Angling" it gets called out by name multiple times. He also chooses a loose leaf Ceylon blend  from Miles.

If you have not seen "A Passion for Angling" you are really missing out. For me, there is no other fishing program that capture the magic of fishing so vividly. There is no pretension or machismo it is just about the pure love of angling.

Posted on October 26, 2012 and filed under Tea.