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C. William Harrison's 1965 Gear List

First book of hiking

First book of hiking

Found in Harrison's "The First Book of Hiking" published in 1965, this concise yet poetic book is beautifully illustrated by E. Frank Habbas.

Here is a list of items that should be included in the pack of any hiker who expects to be on the trail for several days.

1 mummy-type sleeping bag (or from three to four lightweight wool blankets) 1 poncho 1 pair camp moccasins or sneakers Extra underwear, shirt, wool socks 3 bandanas 1 pair extra extra bootlaces Canteen and drinking cup First-aid kit Snakebite kit Antiallergin kit Soap, towel, tissue, and other toilet articles Waterproof matches Pocket or sheath knife Rope (25- or 50-foor length) Insect repellent Flashlight and candles (preferably plumbers candles because they burn longer) Cooking kit (nesting pots, frying pan, forks, spoons, can opener, scouring pads, paper or aluminium plates Sewing kit Mosquito netting Camera and film
— C. William Harrison - The First Book of Hiking, 1965

I particularly like the sound of plumbers candles.

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